What is a downline builder?

A downline builder contains a list of programs for you to join. The premise is that you will join the listed programs and that your sponsor will get credit for you as a referral in all of the programs listed. Then you will gather your own associates and get credit for them as referrals in any of the programs they join under you and so on. Sometimes downline builders come as stand-alone sites but at other times they may be offered as extra benefits at traffic programs or membership sites. Program owners create downline builders so that you can refer more members to the program so everyone benefits from this feature. Downline builders can be a great way to build downlines if you understand how they work.

How can a downline builder benefit me?

The main thing to know about downline builders is that they won't work unless you recruit referrals. If you aren't into gathering a team don't bother to join a downline program. You can't benefit if you don't find recruits. When considering which downline builder program to join remember to find out if there is full flow-through of program IDs. Say you belong to program ABC but your referral doesn't. Your referral finds a new member for the downline builder program who signs up for program ABC. With full flow-through of identification, you will get credit for the referral in program ABC. This also works uphill. If you don't belong to a program and one of your referrals joins program XYZ your sponsor will get credit for that referral in program XYZ if they're a member.

Why should I use Viral Team Builder?

Our builder has downline integrity. We treat our members fairly and our builders meet all the requirements needed to rapidly build your downlines in programs that statistically have the highest rankings so you get more exposure for your promotions and build your downlines much faster.

What is the main benefit of a downline builder?

You can promote all your offers with the same effort it takes to promote just one.